Spellcasted Into the Ether

We all blog and we all blog for different reasons and choose to read the blogs we read. Some of us start out with a goal in mind of what we wish to say, a journal perhaps, a thought we wish to convey, the thought of one’s mind we wish to challenge, rambling thoughts perhaps or maybe some of us are still trying to find our way into the blogosphere. Others just read for their own reasons. Mine is a personal tale of my adventure in WoW, daily happenings and the things that provoke me while on that adventure. I’m not immune to the thoughts in the Ether in this game I play.

Whether you think I’m right or wrong I may be neither
What is true is that we all have had different experiences
Therefore we are neither alike and never the same
Those experiences make us all different and in thoughts
And such we will never always see things the same
Yet to each his or her own and their valued opinions
We can all still get along been civilized men and women.

“If we all agreed on the same view’s or opinions 100% of the time
then none but ONE of us would be necessary including the rest of us who
write down and cast our brave words and thoughts into the Ether”.

Hang in there Tobold keep blogging away on your thoughts. You do us good service in keeping us aware, informed and mentally challenged about the game and games we all love to play even if we don’t always agree on everything. We love you anyway. At least I do, I read your blog everyday. How can I stand and be immune. The flack your getting is ill deserved. Its been provoking me in my thoughts for days. Also, when its time to quit logging in how will you do it or tell your readers? I’m getting clicks on mine, so people do read here too. I guess …. I just spellcasted Avenger’s Shield and casted my first Shot too.

You read there too. I know, I saw the link on your WoW blog, don’t tell me your not a reader. What’s provoking your thoughts?

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