The Ardent Defender

When I started WoW, I had no expectation I would ever end up Bloging. In trying to become a better Paladin I did something that most people never do. Simple, I randomly whispered and asked as a survey a few lvl 70 gear decked out Paladins I saw in Orgrimmar back in my my 20’s how to be a better Paladin? A simple thing few people never do. Mental probing for good advice. Going to the WoW forum sucked also.

One Epic decked out Paladin with shiny gear all over said get a fast weapon and good shield and learn to AOE. Never heard of AOE or what the heck that is. However I was already specing in the protection tree so looked good. So what’s AOE I asked. He said do a google search. Well that lead me on a quest for knowledge to learn how to become a better Paladin. I hated the idea of been one of those people that we all call in PUG’s people that SUCK or need to LTP. Google led me to a few good blogs understanding things, which eventually led me to reading other peoples blog, learning how to Judgement and Seal Spell effectively. That was always confusing to do properly. Relearned things fast though. Today just I read a lot more good blogs.

In time I picked up Ardent Defender as a talent. Who in their right mind plays below 20% HP or why would you be there anyway? Hmm, someone real adventurous with their health! Read many people’s blog of their account of their adventure or Alt adventure that lead to Galo becoming a much better player and solo player. Galo is much a self reliant player. Liking to AOE grind mobs made me love been a Paladin even more. I just like to melee mobs. Most people said of Ardent Defender this is not as effective a talent some say. However Ardent Defender have saved my life more times than I can count even though it could be better as a talent improved or work in group utility also, but that’s another story. I really believe Paladins in WoW should be Tough Melee Ardent Defenders of their pier class or group mates with enough utility as a plate wearer to adequately defend a group from harm with good offensive talents and been a protector. Enter been a Tanking Paladin as true Ardent Defender.

Ardent Defender talent wise has saved Galo’s life numerous times soloing in WoW. I learned allot soloing the content and storming defended places often mostly solo. It was only fitting as someone that truly loves my class to name my blog well……. “Ardent Defender“.

Edit: Corrected some grammar.

6 thoughts on “The Ardent Defender

  1. I think you need to research the difference between ‘being’ and ‘been’……….The rest of the blog is good! 😉


  2. Thanks for the feedback. I try to do my best writing and correcting things. Does take a lot of time to do. Corrected Grammar.Thanks 🙂


  3. Back during LVL60 and pre TBC (but newly released trees), I was a Prot Pally with Ardent Defender for PVP purposes—I played extensively on a premade and it allowed me to play more dangerously with my health total while supporting my team. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t but when it did, the payoff was huge.Alas, I miss the chunk of my Prot talents, I don’t find myself wanting to tank at LVL70, so I’ll probably have only 25-30 points into it for PVP purposes (and Reckoning, which prevents me from falling asleep while farming).How is the new Ardent Defender? It’s been changed since I’ve spec’d into it, pre TBC yah?


  4. Well in the last patch they increased it from 20% Hp at up to 50% Mitigation damage to now 35%Hp at 6-30% damage reduction. I’m really not entirely sure how much a improvement that is. So its open for debate by others.I know at times i can see it working when i’m out on quests and down that low on HP and dabbing with it. It Works but i cant say how well. I basically would like a lot more benefit from 5 Points in Ardent Defender that deep in protec than what it currently is.


  5. AD is very useful but only in grinding/leveling., imho.In instances, your life should not get lower than 35%. If it does, then you may be dead on the next hit. The mobs/bosses hit hard, especially if you are not un-crushable.


  6. Would’t want it that low in a Instance either. Agree.I do use it when grinding quests, since i play alot solo. Since i can control my own healing at that low HP i’m more daring to risk my own health if need be with AD if its not a problem.


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