Interesting Azeroth Quest – Morrowgrain Research

Profession: All, Best for Herbalism.

Have been meaning to add this to the site as a interesting and really nice quest to do as I had found it interesting when i did it back questing in Un’Goro and I’m still doing it. Herbalism (375) is one of my Professions. I really love this quest and one only a Herbalist can love even more.

Quest: Morrowgrain Research

Its available to pick up at lvl 47 or beyond. As a Blood Elf I remember picking up the quest from one of the Undead men walking around the main platform deck in Undercity. I can’t remember the NPC name in UC though…Sorry. However he tells you to report to the Arch Druid in Thunder Bluff. Reporting to the Arch Druid he then ask for your help in doing some research on some soil samples in Un’Goro. This is one of the quests that actually start the Un’Goro questlines.

Anyway long story short its a nice quest to do anyone can do, but if your a Herbalist you get more out of it than anyone else. You need to get 10 Morrowgrain Herbs from growing seeds reveived in a pouch in Un’Goro soil samples you can collect all over Un’Goro or collect it as drops from Un’Goro mobs. You grow the herbs in the soil, trun in the 10 Morrowgrain in TB for +75 Reps to Bashana Runetotem on Elder Rise and you also get a bunch of free buff pots and a few unusual ones sometimes. The herbs you grow will be random ones to get the 10 Morrowgrain Herbs you grow them wherever your at you need to turn in for reps with Cenarion Circle.

You grow random valuable herbs while trying to get the Morrowgrain herbs you need. Herbalist get a increase chance to grow the Morrowgrain Herbs due to skill. Higher level of your Herbalism skill you get a increase chance to grow any higher level herbs in Azeroth. Herbs like: Sungrass, Gromsblood, Ghost Mushroom, Mountain Silversage, Dreamfoil all herbs I have grown lots of and many lower level one just from this. When you need more seeds head back to TB and buy more. I have grown over a full 20 stack of Ghost Mushroom & Gromsblood and many other herbs, that’s over 30g those 2 alone on my server realm. Two very rare and dam valuable herbs. If your not a herbalist you don’t know how hard that is to get those two alone.

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