Weekend Blues – Chill a little!

Didn’t really get to do too much playing wise on Galo over the weekend.

On Friday headed over to Zangarmarsh server and created a new Alt Paladin & Hunter toon and played a bit with the good folks from WoW Insider with our guild there “It Came From The Blog”. Its created as a fun Guild, laid back and just plain casual guild, that’s just all about having fun with folks from WoW Insider and the readers of the site in the guild. So everyone is mostly all lowbies. The Server is low populated Realm and with the guild there at almost 300 people most all readers of the site in the span of two weeks, I’m thinking its the biggest guild it has to be on that server. It was all about having fun. Leveling Galo is fun, but its serious play.

Saturday did some other stuff of Real Life. My LINKSYS Router died and had to go buy a new one. So went to the Apple store and got me a Mac Router which is much better, which is great since all I use are Mac’s for desktop and laptop. Rest of the day I slept! I’m just been too tired lately with all the late night playing of WoW and a long working day schedule. The time I put into playing WoW and leveling Galo is by no means casual play and I’m not a Guide user in how i play. I just discover the game content as i play. I’m hitting 35-40 hours or more easy and thats with working 14 hours a day. Some level of addiction there. So I’m just been really beat, so slept the rest of day to recoup. Was much needed.

Sunday as noted from the last post WoW was down for some folks, not all folks. However enough folks that it was pure Drama on the WoW forums. The problem was running for almost 2-3 days before it was addressed and it was Hot on the forums as addicted people not been able to log into WoW for their WoW fix. Anyway i had to wait for over 12 hours to access WoW while they worked on the problem. Some of you weren’t affected. Somehow I discovered around my house stuff to do so that was in order. After getting a headache about not been able to access WoW I went and chill with the Tube. Later tried to log on it was fixed. Could log in, didn’t feel like really playing Galo for focus play time in Outland. So went and played with my Alts to unwind a bit. Where the rest of the weekend went I have no idea.

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