Sorting Loot Mail

Monday spend time sorting all the loot Galo been sending to the Alt banker from Outland questing. So no questing time spent. More like doing administration work. Been picking up so much stuff in Outland and from Quests thats its been building up in my Alt bankers mail box. Spent time sorting loot mail to sell on AH for profit as well as running auctioneer. I find the adon valuable however often i use my own judgement based on the market on my server. Auctioneer gives me a idea of pricing on stuff i have no usual idea of price range.

I run Auctioneer often on my Banker Alt to build data history. Log in Alt, Scan AH. Log in Galo, work on Outland. Log out Galo, Log in Alt, Scan AH. Do it enough it builds up enough of a data history of historical pricing. When I feel like it I post stuff to sell. Auctioneer nice to use.


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