Logging Issues in WoW – The Sky is Falling!

Been a bit busy with other things this weekend. So decided to get some game time and started having login issues trying to log in. Can’t log into account, says I’ve used up all my funds in playing time, please purchase more. WHAT!! What the Hell!

So logged into WoW account to see what gives. Account says pending as of 06/15. Tried to change account CC and won’t work. Seem no CC card change works. Says call Blizzard customer service. So call Blizzard on Customer Service number….no one home at the wheel, just recorded message. AHHH, this is frustrating. No one there to handle weekend isues.

So did only thing else i could think of….check the WoW forum. On checking it seem like everyone else is having a account and logging issue. This is big. It could be very few people or almost no one else can log into World of Warcraft today. Big issue here. The Sky is falling on WoW this weekend! Hmm. Fathers Day too. This is not a good time to be having loging issues and on the weekend or on Fathers Day either. With as much people that plays WoW this is a ROYAL PAIN to deal with.

BLIZZARD Please get this thing Fixed! Like right now.

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