Group Night

Continue to complete my list of HellFire Quests pretty much Solo as well as all the Quests for Falcon Watch. Most of what I have left so far seem to be group quests mostly.

The evening was quite eventfull. A druid and I grouped to complete the Blacktalon the Savage Quest. Went fine. The Druid tanked, he wanted to. I kinda DPS Blacktalon and healed the druid. Completed the quest. However hard for a Tankadin to try to be hitting a mob and try to heal at same time. Just don’t work well.

Later off to another group that needed help doing the Colossal Quest for the Cenarion Expedition post in west HellFire Peninsular. Was me, 2 Warlocks, a Shaman & Hunter. Completed killing the 5 Elite giants but it was chaotic since the warlock minion was tanking the giants and the giants was somehow running around all the time toward the warlocks. Me I barely could get hits on the Elites. Wasted much mana and on consecration since giants running around also.

Followup was the Natural Remedies Quest to heal land around a giant crystal by the Elite Giants. You have to find a green circle marking on west side of crystal on the ground and use the seed given to heal the land. In the end you end up summoning a Elite 64 Giant that kinda glows red and we he had about 2 other giants also with him. These suckers knock you real hard on Knockback and sent me flying of my feet in the air a few times. Barely could see where I landed, was chaotic for a while. But we got the Elite Giants down and completed the quest. On turning quest got a nice pair of Blue boots. My 2nd piece of Blue armor so far to go with a Blue Chest piece from quest reward. Think I had enough grouping for the night. I went off to do quests solo.

Was in Thrallmar checking my mail and noticed there was 2 Elite lvl 71 Demons running around fighting the NPC’s in the camp and was total chaos. Seem was lots of action happening in Thrallmar. I kinda stared around a bit not sure what was happening. So after a while decided to join the fun. There was some other people around Mages, Hunters, Shaman and such and they all was in on the action. I kinda healed who ever I though needed healing from where I was and then started buffing the NPC’s with BOK and healing them best i could. Not long was before i was Out of Mana. Fun I thought for all the theater all around. Took a while but finally the demons were down. I died once from 1 demon blow for participating but came back and rejoined in. Seem unexpected theater can happen anytime in Outland.

Later headed to Paladin Trainer in Silvermoon and picked up 3 new training. Got Crusader Aura which seem to give 20% more speed and to a group. Also got 2 new rank spell, rank 10 Holy Light and rank 3 Blessing of Sacrifice. Can’t remember ever using Blessing of Sacrifice before but got it anyway.



  • Sylvina Solaris

    As a tank you’ll rarely use blessing of sacrifice, however in situations where you can get stunned or crowd controlled or have somebody with low HP tanking, if you cast this on them you can absorb some of the damage they take, and since you take damage you also break out of CC. It’s the bread and butter of PvP (just keep rebuffing your partner every 30 seconds with it so you can’t get sheeped, etc.)

  • sounds like a eventful day 🙂 I myself just re-joined wow..bit rusty on my bows and arrows, but im gettin back into the groove!

  • Ardent Defender

    Will remember sometimes when in group to try and use BOS to see how it works or get familiar with it. Thanks for the input.

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