Outland Progression Summary So Far.

Really enjoying questing in HellFire Peninsular and been in Outland. Only thing I head back to Azeroth for is either Paladin Training, a quest leg to complete or to help out a guildie or a friend.

There is just more reason to stay in Outland really. I’ve also decided as a result to drop every non Outland quest I had in my Quest log to complete as much as I would have like to do those quests. Time is just better spent in Outland to me.

I may at somepoint may return to Winterspring to complete a few quest though. I’m not entirely sure if I ever will grind out those Timbermaw reps, I’m still only neutral. But as much as I like to hunt down and kill stuff for the heck of it I just might do it for the challenge to get Exaulted.

There are allot of nice quests in HellFire area and its a nice zone to me and all the quests seem to be centered in the area. Not like back in Azeroth you have to fly all over the place to just complete a quest. So nice it is. I can remember all the quests I’ve done, the name of things hard to remember or name of things I had to collect all Solo of course. So questing goes like this in HellFire so far:

  • Head to camp over yonder and kill X number of mobs.
  • Kill X number of X mobs and X number of these other other mobs for quest.
  • Head over yonder and use touch and light fire to tanks. Fun!
  • Head south and collect X number of pieces of material in area.
  • Find particular person at camp and kill him or bring head.
  • Collect X number of lost material for goblins.
  • Kill X number of Buzzards for material.
  • Take this item to area and attune it to HellFire Citadel. Kill mobs while attunement in progress.
  • Attempt PVP control of stadium for faction control.
  • Locate missing person. Report on missing person.
  • Kill X number of mobs for blood sample.
  • Take item to people in area and restore their health.
  • Recover lost item from mobs in pool.
  • Obtain X number of special items.
  • Drop bombs on Patrols. Fun! Should be the first thing you do getting to Outland. Gear rewards are nice.
  • Perform messenger duty and head to Orgrimmar to talk to Thrall. Nice reward for Quest.

Most quests go something like that. Most not very difficult to do. I find if you really read the quests and the message in it you can easily find or locate where you need to go. However the rewards are usually very nice on the Quests and the XP is outrageously nice. 10k XP seems average on quests. I also find its easy to pick up multiple quests all at same time and complete on the way to other quests. Some people are using leveling guides in Outland to level faster. Good for them. For me I like to smell the roses while I’m leveling so i do it the slower route and that’s just completing the quests I have with no help from any guides. To me its fun since its my first time in Outland and it allows me to see all the world content and find hidden stuff around just poking around or wandering into a cave to investigate what mobs are in there.

So I’m all over HellFire Peninsula. The other reason is that as a Alchemist and Herbalism skilled but for Herbalism i like to collect herbs for my craft and so wondering around allows me to collect lots of herbs in the basins, on side of hill, on hilly area, in pools etc. Using Cartographer Addon it also marks the herbs for future reference on map with a nice icon. Great. However even without the Addon by my nature I like to wonder around to and from quest and find stuff and kill stuff. Also good for the XP often 1k or so or more.


My Herbalism skill is now 375, when I got to Outland it was already 369. So it was pretty leveled up getting here. So not long to the level cap gathering herbs. Anyway happy! My effort always picking herbs in Azeroth whenever i say them in zones pays off in leveling the skill. The way I collect herbs is simple when in zone collect everything I need. Collect it even if I not need it. Yes it takes time to stop and collect, but for me I LOVE MY CRAFTS, Alchemy & Herbalism.
I never usually sell any herbs I collect either, its all for stock and bank reserve. So other gathers are the ones driving up herb prices not real Alchs i think. Pots I make and sell or use. In HellFire area herbs you can find are”

  • Dreamfoil
  • Golden Sansum
  • Mountain Silversage (Always on a hill side or mountain)
  • Felweed. (Valuable)

I use Felweed to make many pots I use. I haven’t sold much or made any pots to sell since been in Outland with all the herbs i have gathered. Its all stuffed in the my Herb bag, Bank, Alt#1 bank, Alt# 2 bank. I’m a herb banker. When I feel like brewing it all up I do so.

I find that even taking quests that just gives gold reward initially as only reward on followup leads to a quest that gives you a weapon or armor upgrade later. So when deciding if worth doing initially the back end of it could be a nice reward later. Also the XP is nice for the quest irregardless.

As said haven’t made anything much to sell since in Outland. But since my DPS is seem poor and I haven’t found a really nice 1H I really like I also supplement it with making and using Arcane Elixirs for +35 Spell damage when I’m grinding out kills. Adept Elixirs can be nice too but i use the other.

I’ve never chosen to do Alchemy because i though it was easy or cute or a money maker. Why choose Alchemy in WoW is simple. I went to school for Biochemistry. I work in Chemistry. I work in Biotech, I like Chemistry. Hence i choose Alchemy, its something i already understand well and how it work well having herbalism as a gathering skill.

Only pots I make as just continuous off income while for AH since I’m not really focus on selling anything right now is mainly 2 things.

  • Underwater Breathing Elixirs (I’ve made these for 5 months straight and on my server I’m almost only one that makes these. Decent side income)
  • StoneShield Potion – Gives 2000 Armor for 2 min. This stiff is damm nice, but most people not seen to see its value. However its a expensive pot, I know I make it and sell it. Takes allot of Stonescale Eel fish to make. Raiders love to buy these. Tanking a rough mob for a kill I’m more prone to use these for the armor value.

Armor & Weapons
I don’t buy much armor on AH anymore usually. Its hard to find a good pieces and I think I get better ones just questing or I get much in quest rewards anyway or on loot drop. So I do fine with what I get from quests. A fast 1H sword still eludes me and well and a very nice shield. Those the 2 things I really invest in allot. 1H weapon, Shield, Chest & Leg piece. I may have to start my faction reputation grind to get some good ones. However I’m always replacing armor piece from quests. So i have lots in my bag so far.

I’m friendly with Thrallmar still. I just got Revered with Undercity. I have yet to pick up a quest from Shatt City. Did the library thing visiting a guy there in Shatt for the Scryers but no quest I can see. Hadn’t checked lower city as yet either for any quests there.

Fel Reavers
I’ve got a personal grudge with Fel Reavers. They continue to stomp on me sneaking up on me when beating on other mobs. Get stomped with the flying foot. They reminds me of Devilsaurs in Un’Goro always walking around to make your life miserable. So when i get to 70, retribution will be to kill every last one of them I find anywhere and everywhere always. Been killed by Fel Reaver over 5 times now.

Bits & Bits
Caves are nice to explore in HellFire area. On one trip exploring I got like 6 greens but all 58 gear the joke was that it was all casters gear. Somehow i don’t think loot is completely random. Seem i always get gear that belongs to other classes. I’ve never got a Plate drop period let alone one anything i could use. I did fish one up fishing one time a nice piece of plate though.

One other cave I went into as noticed a item I had to look for was there and I run into a elite 63 I think it was and for fun I said why not and attacked it. Always testing my limits of been a daring paladin. Mob had like 27K XP, well no change to win here, got him down to about 25% but lost. Well was a good effort. Its fun to at least try though dying is not. Later turns out the Elite mob I attacked is a wanted mob special quest to kill. Will get him later.

Stormed a demon camp with demons at a ruin like camp in the west of Hellfire area and all the demons. Always get good use of Exorcism spells here. Kill the blue demons first then their minion helper vanishes after. Rescued some 3 prisoners here and got lots of XP for the whole chain quest from a guy in the camp and then to kill the Elite 63 Demon roaming the area. I rocked him for the challenge.

Often I’m around mounted on my mount and watching other people kill stuff or TRY to. Its can be fun watching other classes try to kill stuff. Often its plain funny to watch. Sometimes I intervene to save their health. Often I’m helping a alliance finish a mob, I can see their health. Other times as I run and roam around, I go out of my way to bless everyone with a blessing they can use to their advantage. Too bad i can only cast then a 5 min blessing. Paladin blessings should be 15 min I think and greater blessings at 30 min. I notice I also can’t cast greater blessing on other people randomly. Sucks!

So far that sums up Outland so far in HellFire Peninsular. I’m in no hurry to get to 70, its just cruising getting there but beyond been casual play. Another thing I can’t say I have any friends at my level in Outland either at lest not as yet either.

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