“Blogs I Read”

I list on my blog here links to various blogs I find interesting or like because they are related to Paladin class play/adventure or interesting perspective on the Paladin class by good players that play it in World of Warcraft. Many i found through links on other people’s blog. Also lists a few Hunter blogs because of interesting perspective and other points of view, however its because I have a little Hunter Alt also for R&R fun. But most blogs or links relates to Paladins/ Tankadins or those that Theorycraft on our Paladin class. I main as a Paladin that’s why!

I’m a Junior class lvl Paladin, so I’m always doing research into understanding my class, things I need to know and don’t, understanding paladin mechanics, spells and game play or strategy. I also play WoW much Solo due to been a mature age (35) player or in “The Dark Matter of WoW”. I usually don’t have the benefit of people telling me things or me asking others for help, i just like to go kill stuff for the challenge or quest. I pride myself in doing my own research as a good player so i can be a much better and effective player that you would like to PUG with if you could find one like me.

So I do lots of reading research. I also actually read on a daily basis EVERY single blog in my “Blogs I Read” list here on the blog. I also scan and read a few others, some of other classes for my learning. Its all for perspective. Reading blogs take up in total 20-40% of the total time i invest in playing WoW in total which is also more time that i actually spend asleep on a daily basis. Somehow I like to think its more than that sometimes. That time also does not include the time it takes to write a blog entry either. All in all i spend allot of time reading other people’s blog that blog on their time in WoW or those that TheoryCraft on Paladin class or Forum. I often discover many new interesting things as a result or perspective also. Its made me a better player of my class, I’m more aware of things and things i didn’t know.

Thanks to the many of you that blog on your WoW experience or vast knowledge pool. I’m a much better player because of it. Point is, the blogs i have listed here are not just random links on this page. I find them all to be excellent blogs for all different reasons, to read or get a good laugh, many for perspective and some for Mechanics & TheoryCrafting. On a daily basis I READ THEM ALL. /Researching.

3 thoughts on ““Blogs I Read”

  1. Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading. It’s a pleasure to hear from another consecrate spammer, even if he does work for “teh enemy”! 😉I’ll pop in here from time to time when I’m bored at work.


  2. Ahh Thanks you all. Yes i read the ramblings. Can learn stuff in the ramblings.I stick to Paladin blogs mostly as it helps me more learning stuff. Many of you write down your own account of stuff, some people that reads them become much better at their class. Even using your skill set you learn stuff from trade skills.


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