A Random Armor Inspection

I had my alt banker sitting in AH doing a Auctioneer scan before I logged out for the night when did a random armor inspection of a Tauren Warrior. Mousing over his gear he had several eyepoping pieces. I immediately made a screenshot. Is his gear possible?

I immediately did a Armory check on this guy but since he was still logged in while i just logged out i don’t think his Armory is updated. I don’t think gear like that is possible unless your a Blizzard dev or something, then again WoW been acting strange lately anyway. Those some Stats!

Edit update: I couldn’t resist wondering if it was real. So logged back in /whisper and asked the guy. YUP says its REAL and on multiple pieces. DAMM!

Part of Conversation



  • I like the valuation on his boots: don’t buy.Someone’s found a bug.

  • Sylvina Solaris

    Definitely a bug and or freakish exploit… 😮

  • Exploit or bug… but either way, if you had that, and the stats were real, you wouldn’t still be level 67, you’d be 70 in about 2 hours of playtime. You’d be able to solo anything in the game. Therefore, the stats can’t be real.

  • Galoheart,Sorry not logged in since at work. I think the player was using a EXPLOIT.I had actually looked at all his gear and weapons he had on and it was crazy in stats in the thousands. It was only then i snapped a shot before he went out of range of inspection of his boots to snap a proof shot. When i asked the player he knows exacty what his stats was and he knew what i was asking when i chat with him.He would not tell me what or how he had those stats. I even asked if he was a Blizzard Employee somehow, he didn’t say. He just said that some other people knew how to do it but he would not say. Says killing stuff is a blast. I BET!I think its a gae Exploit. I know the Guild too so will ask a few people about it.

  • This is not the first time I’ve seen gear like this. And every time I see it, it’s always “of the…” gear. I doubt very greatly it’s an exploit, more than it’s a bug. The game is probably supposed to make gear with stats within a certain range (based on item level). But if something gets messed up in the random generation of those items it could account for a situation like this. Now, obviously the person who has that gear would never report it (why would you?), but considering the imbalance that gear of that nature could give to PvP, I think reporting it so that it could be fixed is the appropriate answer. But that’s just me. *shrugs*

  • Ardent Defender

    It could very well be as you say a bug or a bug affecting certain kind of gear maybe. Dunno.If i never snapped that shot, it may have been hard for other people to believe and not seeing it.If a bug, well its a Whopper of one. If i had gear like that on and it was not anything i exploited but found, not sure if i report it either. However as you say meeting someone with gear like this in PVP Battlegrounds would be just a absolutely slaughter! If so i can see why they would want to keep it quiet. However dunno. If its a bug its had me wondering just what kind of other hidden bug exist in the game like this that other people been exploiting like the gear stats the guy had on on all his ungodly gear.

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