Screenshots – New UI interface & Addons

This is the new UI & Addon Interface i have been fumbling with and sucking up LOTS of my time away from leveling for over a week. In that same time Nihilum guild on a WoW EU server raided Black Temple, cleared and killed all the bosses and killed Illidan. Duh!! Right now this layout is what i settled on. I still learning to work with UI’s and so i can only handle so much change at one time. Mentally its taking my mind to know where things are on the screen. My Mac Monitor is a 24″ Monitor so i can see a lot of my screen at all times, so having the bottom screen darken to see the messages and the hotkeys are fine to me.

There are several hidden bars that are on the screen laying horizontal above the dark horizon that shows when i mouse over. The bar on the left changes depending on which log I’m looking at. I may need to move it, but later. I’m having a hard time figuring out how to get a combat log in the bottom right section. Initially i separated combat log from the chat log and moved it…it didn’t seem to work again after. Bums. Oh well its work in progress and more work than i expected it to be. The information on the FuBar is great, however its too much dam information i can also play fine without though nice to have. It won’t be perfect in a day for sure.

Too many Addon’s to list so will do it later in another post. But they are mainly Ace & FuBar ones.

Edit: Photo update

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