Allied with Scryers

Feels like forever since I last played or quested, a week and a half it seems almost. Almost enough to get rusty playing a main that I always play. Been busy with some other work stuff and trying out addons, UI and its just time consuming to work on those or figuring out how to get then to work properly is time consuming hence the lack of progess lately. Anyway with a workable interface I fumbled Galo around a bit and to start thing out flew to Shattrath City and found Khadgar in the city center and decided to ally myself with the Scryers. Done!

Had already gotten some feed back before on a previous post on the faction dilema of both, Scryers seem more to Galo’s as a Tankadin Paladin. Scryers had a Alchemy potion I like to get for profession and potion making and I have to say that was more the reason in itself for me to choose Scryer since both seen to have so similiar rewards to me. I don’t spend that much though thinking of gear as others do or not as yet, but whatever. If Scryers favor me as a Tankadin then fine, i’m not gona spend too much time studying it in details. Its a game. I’ll figure it all out later when i have time. Fact is i made a choice! Plus as a Blood Elf I was naturally already friendly with Scryers anyway and had a few rep points. So time to move on to other things. So as a quest its completed got over 5k rep points and not i’m hated by Aldors i guess. Oh well what else is new.

I finally dinged 61 doing some HellFire Peninsular quests. I have to say /played its been the longest i been camped out at any level, over 1 full day. Oh well, despite been sluggish in play getting used to the changed interface where things are, its time to just move forward.

2 thoughts on “Allied with Scryers

  1. Gonna start levelling my affl lock again soon and am wondering whether to go Aldor or Scryer. What do you suggest?With my pally I did very little research (quick read of wow-wiki really and didn’t really understand anyway!!) So he went Aldor.Check out my blog for topic on the decision.


  2. I can’t say for a Warlock which one is better Scryer or Aldor since I don’t have a high level Warlock. I do have a level 13 warlock but that’s a noon warlock.For a protection paladin best way to go is Scryer for the shoulder enchants. Also if your a alchemist for the one recipe also.


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