Be a WoW Insider Gamer

Article: Game Night: It Came from the Blog

Saw this article linked above on WoW Insider earlier in the day today and though it was a interesting article. Be a great idea if you can get or have a lot of WoW Insider readers and others on one of World of Warcraft servers in particular with a common interest For The Love of The Game itself as its meant to be and been apart of something in common with other players for plain good fun and a Uber Guild, so official guild group night kickoff will be tonight at 7pm EST.

So in the spirit of been apart of something like this as i think its a nice idea i created a ALT on Zangarmarsh server to be apart of it to some degree. I created a Horde Hunter and in the spirit of SecondLife and i called him “Aetius” in direct name relation to my character there also in SecondLife. I quick lvl him to lvl 6 and was able to get a invite by the guild manager to the guild. This should be fun. Read the article above and just maybe i will see you too there.

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