Paladin Epic Mount Quest Cont..

Been busy with some other things and clearing up bank inventory and such so not too much action. However today went to work on the Paladin Epic Mount Quest a bit, solo as usual.

Headed out to Eastern Plaguelands to Light Chapel Hope took the wing rider, first time i guess by way of flight. Found the location of Tyr’s Hand in the South East corner of the map which would be direct south of Light Chapel Hope area. Heavily guarded by elites 54-60 all casting Scarlet Crusaders it seems. Never one to like casters much.

Fighting the elites were not too bad one on one. Most were OK to fight, the Enchanters were not bad but their Arcane Magic did eat at my health a bit. Too bad Paladin don’t have a arcane aura as it be much easier so did have to try to kill them quick. My 1H weapon need some serious upgrading as the elite seem to do as much damage as i do looking in combat log. Had a hard time figuring out which one of building was to be the Abby to look for the Holy Water i needed to find.

Wasted a lot of time trying to move from building to building. Once i drew too much adds going up the hill (wrong way) and died. Got killed by elite paladins i guess. They seem to do as much or more damage than i did (need weapon upgrade much). In death i figured i roam around to find correct building. Turns out it was the building entering the location on your left of the square. So headed there. Fought the Eilite Paladin Guards one at a time, used the boomerang to pull(nice to have). Was not too bad. Found using Mana Tap and Arcane Torrent when they start casting helps to silence them a bit in spell casting because they self heal.

Entered the abby and drew two Elite Enchanters directly inside and they cast Arcane Magic so it eats away at your health. Didn’t have any protection to these spells so just have to down them quick. Inside the abby best to go to immediate left, no guard there that side. Ahead in next room three guards down them quick. Best to Mana Tap all these guys to build charge and release it when they casting or stun them whichever works, they all seem to reheal on low health. A guard walks back and forth other room to here also so he got me first in fight but i got him in end.

Straight ahead in next room ahead NOT up the stairs but the next room is the holy water on the table. All three Elite Enchanters are together next to table so hard to pull. So i rushed in and started fighting. I down one. Got the other almost down and died there. No LOH it was on cooldown, forgot to use a heal pot. Arcane Spell damage did me in from the casters though. Did the quick corpse run back from the grave yard not too long. resurrected outside the room, recharged health and mana and entered the room and this time quickly down the other two. Picked up the holly water on the table for the Epic Mount Quest. I left the abby and fought the respawn elites on way out and out the Base camp and was not as bad leaving as it was entering with the benefit of knowledge of the casters. Headed back to Silvermoon turned in Quest.

4 thoughts on “Paladin Epic Mount Quest Cont..

  1. hmm… I had to go to Stratholme for my holy water.. is it the some thing?.. or different for the horde?..Getting 5 holy water in strat can be a pain.


  2. May be different for the Horde. For the Holy Water i had to go to Tyr’s Abbe in Tyr’s Hand i think it was which was a Scarlet Crusader camp to get it.In Stratholme which is the last part of the quest i have to do. There i have to entinguish i flame in a Chapel and defeat all the Elite Paladins to complete the quest.


  3. For the alliance I need to go to Scholo and defeat one more boss, which frees the horse spirit. At least I hope that’s it… 🙂


  4. That sounds quicker than the alliance version. 5 Strat holy water took 2 hours of grinding in Strat with a group… 😛


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