Guild Stuff & New Guild

A few days ago i eventually decided to leave my former guild and join one i had created by my alt lvl 18 priest. I don’t talk about the priest here as its a Paladin blog mostly and other things World of Warcraft related.

I liked my former guild as i liked my hunter friend that is the GM. The GM girlfriend is also in his guild and there are mature players over 21 both and I’m both in game friends of theirs and we get along great and really do like playing with them both as they few of the players i really enjoy playing with. Good friends a a dime a million in WoW. They are are fun good players. Occasionally i group with them every now and then and i send them free stuff as i enjoy doing it in game as it mends bond of player friendship. I send the hunter big groupers i catch when fishing, his cat likes those. If i pick up stuff i know they can use or skill at i send it to them if i can vs selling it on AH for profit gain. Its just a way to make good with friends and not been a friend that always just ask for help on a quest or something.

The GM and his girlfriend has been moving i think to a new home and have been having some real life challenges. So as of some time ago they have been away from WoW for over a month now almost 6 weeks or so now. About 2 months ago the GM created a guild and was growing good and had a few good fundamental players and regular players some from PVP play. Anyway i had my own guild back them but it was just me and another guy in guild as i really played WoW solo. So i eventually joined my GM friend Guild and i was mainly only high lvl paladin in the guild. Soon after GM and girlfriend had been absent from WoW and wasn’t sure why. No one really knew as a few people asked in Guild.

Anyway I’m like my friends and was sad to see them been gone a while. Lots of people left the guild to go to other guilds or for other reasons, lack of people around in the guild to help them i guess. Since i played a bit solo it did not bother me much guild wise as it didn’t seem i was in a guild anyway due to my play style been solo play. But occasionally i helped out a guildie if they asked in guild chat. Guild eventually dropped to half its former size when GM was not around. I stayed in the guild out of loyalty to my friends the GM and his girlfriend. Eventually i started to recruit people to the guild, i didn’t know before i could but i started and found i could invite people. So now i was only higher lvl person in guild and was kinda a acting GM since they were away somewhat. For some time i recruited and its really a damm pain to recruit people to guild as i also hate spam messages in general chat for guild invite. Its a pain to recruit people, especially good players. People always want to know can your guild run me through instances? Or do you help lowbies run instances? Gee…. what the heck do you as a player bring to a guild for a change.

At same time my lowbie alt 18 priest had created a guild on his own (Tabard mostly) and when i was on that alt i recruited in the Blood Elf areas as that where i was, Silvermoon, Eversong woods, Ghostland so was all players mostly my level and lowbies and noobs. So had some players but mainly alt players. But only one or 2 really active players. Too many damm atls around really. However my main was in another guild the one with my GM friend. I stayed out of loyalty and to help out and safe keep the GM guild in tack as a daily player and someone there daily. Anyway after 6 weeks of their absence i decided to leave and join my alts guild to help there as it was my own guild also. Funny thing was 2 hours after i decided to leave my GM friend guild he returns logging into WoW, imagine that. Anyway we chatted a while and i explained it all and he was glad i stayed as long as i did to keep his Guild going as best i could.

So he invited me back and i did rejoin in that session. After chatting with him a while i said it be best i really stayed in my own alts guild a while till when you really return to WoW in some regular fashion and that i could do some good been in my own guild for a while till later i could rejoin yours. So i did. Has someone in my alt guild re invite be back to it and there is where “Galo” is now. So logged on to the alt priest and made me officer or acting GM since i’m always on my main usually. So now i recruit but its to help my guild out for now to help it grow somewhat. Later i may hand the guild to someone else as GM maybe but keep both my alt there, who knows.

But for now I’m in “Wrath of Armageddon” Guild and its cool, we’re growing a bit and I’m there to help out. I’m only one above lvl 40 for now, people at higher lvl harder to find to recruit as most are in some guild. I prefer quality mature players, even they are hard to find. But working on it. Hopefully i can have a decent good reputable guild, so working on it. I’ve got leadership skills as a GM, had 8 years of navy for that and more. But basically its just a leveling up guild and helping out the others that’s there. Raiding is just now in my nature as i need to also dedicate time to work on moving Galo along.

My GM friend is gone again as haven’t been around since last logged in few days ago, so i guess made right choice to just stay in my own guild for now. Life in WoW i guess. Why does everyone just want to join a guild for just the Tabard, just to get run thru’s in instances than maybe to form a good guild team or be apart of one?


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