Outland Day 1

I’m still a bit gaga about been in Outland, I keep looking at everything, checking things out, studying the place and everything and oh yeah always watching over my back when outside the gates of Thrallmar. Why! Outland for some wired reason has Galo feeling almost a bit paranoid that something is going to get me when i’m not paying attention. Dunno why, but its just the feeling and the hellish look of the place or feel of HellFire Peninsula.

So i Galo decided to wonder outside the gates of Thrallmar again. I re-read the quest i was given, looked at the map and decided a making on the map seem like the general area where I’m suppose to go and the marking on map of a camp of sort seem like it and general direction. Turns out approaching a camp there that it was indeed the Horde outpost i was suppose to go to and meet some forward posted war commander of sort. Funny thing was the previous night i was just down the hill where the demons were and i looked at the camp and though it was a enemy camp or something like that. Anyway it was like reporting to a new place or military unit. Reminds me of when i was in the military. Yeah served 8 years in navy and 3 tours of combat duty so felt familiar of sorts. So i got my first orders to do 2 bombing missions.

Bombing Missions? Now i though this was a cool idea of a quest, never had these back on Azeroth. Headed off to find these portals. I located the first demon portal as it had a name on it just over the hill one of two i had to bomb and destroy. Took me a while deciding exactly how i was gonna get that close to the portal to bomb it. So pondered a while then decided best go down there and start making headway. Took me a while fighting and testing out the demons and fought quite a bit of them before i actually got to the portal just making a path straight to it and actually detonated a bomb and ran back up the hill, didn’t know if they were gonna chase me or what. However succeeded.

Locating second portal took me a while to find as i wondered all around the peninsula got into lots of trouble fights in the area and could not locate portal. So re-read the quest and it said it be due east. So went straight east and there it was in the distance and heavily guarded by 58-60’s demons. Did a bit of fighting and actually got to use my exorcism spells quite a bit. I dare say i use that spell more in 1 hour here than all the time 0-58. Exorcism is a pretty power full spell as i can see the effect when i cast it. I wondered how much more power full it would be with increase spell damage. Anyway made a straight path to the demon portal, bombed it and ran away. This is fun stuff. Fought demon again as they were all around and back to the camp. I’m noticing i really need a good 1H weapon here. Hanzo still works but not well enough and taking a while to slug it out with demons. So i’m improvising a bit by using Onslaught pot for more attack power and and Elixir for more spell damage. Do have to love Alchemy for its tricks.

I’m noticing I’m having to consecrate on almost every fight at beginning of fight to wear down health of mob quicker, something i only previously did with multiple mobs on me or adds. I’m also firing holy shield more as I’m getting beat on and it blocking hits for effect then redoubt procs and holy shield is already up so it ticks off, i recast it as long as i have the mana. I’m also burning mana like a thirsty traveler. due to consecrate, exorcism and holy shield been up more, spells eat mana. My normal play style is usually to conserve mana and no dramatic end moves, since my armor gear is warriors gear and not much intelligence gear. Its just what i have, solo gear.

Completed quest and the rewards was some impressive looking green armor with major stats increase, +spell dmg/healing. Dang!! Great stuff. I has just upgraded some my gear for 58 before heading to Outland and now I’m getting good gear i need. I could have not bought the gear and saved myself some gold. Then again i may not have fared Outland as well so far maybe. So far i haven’t died in Outland since getting here, which is good as i detest dying. Death in plate armor is rough on the wallet. EXPENSIVE to repair. Back in Un’Goro my tumble with Blazerunner for 4 times was costly to repair and also because i carry multiple weapons in bags also in death penalty. So hate death and so far so good. Next two mission were again bombing mission on the wing rider. Flew over 2 more portals and dropped bombs on them and blew them up. Click on bomb, select area and drop. Very cool this was. Next mission was to drop bombs on a range of sort with various mobs and cannons below. It was a blast. Engineers should be able to make bombs like this in game. Would be heavy duty bombs for AOE if could use.

On quest turn in got even more impressive green gear with more great stats and spell dmg and +healing and + mana regen. Seem for every class there were equivalent armor sets pieces available. On all completed quests i basically got replacement armor set for what would have been my old armor. Seems to me on getting to Outland Blizzard want you to replace your gear or get you a quick upgrade to your old armor gear. Mines were crap anyway mostly, these were much better pieces. Galo got word to report back to Thrallmar to see the man in charge and got a quest to kill 10 bad guys south of Thrallmar at a camp. Headed off to do so, reward was some impressive looking shield choices. I already had a lvl 58 upgraded shield from AH a nice one i have in the pics. But the reward was nice if you come to Outland with a sub par shield, i guess they want you to replace it too.

Found camp and started fighting and realized some the bad guys were casters and was eating up health with fire damage, so Aura switching was in order. I end up pulling in one guy look like a orc riding a wolf as a add so was a 3 way fight. I got the casters out first then the orc guy for physical combat last and just as i pwned the melee wielding orc i heard some big horns blow and then i was dead. Duhh! Death by Flying Foot. Stomped silly into ground by Elite (???) Felreaver that roam the area. Suspissions confirmed in Outland. Stuff will get you when your not watching your back. So did my first corpse run, luckily it was not too far away. Went back to the camp, killed x number of bad guys as i surveyed the area and completed quest, always watching out for the flying foot from above. Did see him a few times walking close by and stayed away.

Got a nice shield for completing the quest. Right now I’m trying to decide just which set of gear to wear. The replacement gear i upgraded to from Ah or the ones i got for the quests? Both are impressive in stats, though the quest rewards give me more boost in needed areas like spell dmg and healing stats. Quests completion give a whopping 10k XP and killing bad guys and demons can net 1k XP. So I’m almost lvl 59 in a short time questing, seem easy to quickly lvl up here so far.

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