Stock & Inventory Problems

Encountering lots of Inventory Problems and bank problems with having space available for extra stuff. I got all 16 slots and in the bank and 2 (20) slot herbs bags one of which i carry (1) always. Its decreased space but i like having my Herb bag with me its my Profession as a Paladin Alchemist and i just count it as one less spot and made due that way. But it keeps my herb organize and at quick glance i know what i need to look for if need as i’m a Herbalist also. I keep allot of Herbs in stock i either collect myself preferably or buy very cheap. I rarely sell herbs i collect myself. A good Alchemist keeps lots of herbs & item in stock. However space in Galo’s bags a problematic.

One bag is just full of quest items i need for quest and some also in another as doing multiple quest at a time. One bag is just full of herbs and that’s always there. I’ve had to carry a few less of my normal weaponry arsenal since i like versatility and i carry every weapon in its class i can use, so i put some in the bank on some quests. I also have new Blue weapons unused sitting in mail unopened from buying on AH and probably won’t use ever use. I will just resell back on Ah at higher price so no money lost on selling. I also use mail as a bank of sort. If i have no immediate use to use a item i bought on Ah i just don’t open & remove it from mail. I leave it there. That way i always know price of a item i bought if i have to resell it back on AH. So even my mail is full of items. My priest boy alt professional Buy & Seller who sells my stuff also bank space is full and i use him as “Reserve Bank of Galo”. Even he has stuff in mail not removed also. Makes for easy removal to sell to Ah when i need to remove items. He makes more money than i do selling my stuff.

However regulatory inventory i will need to reduce drastically or a clear out and auction as i get to Outland soon. So a Inventory House keeping is in order. In Inventory I keep things in order and groups. I have one bag that’s just full of metals and ore’s or gems from a friend at lvl 70. I need lots of metals and ore’s for Alchemy Transmuting. If your a real alchemist a miner is your friend also. So as i sell stuff I’m always stocking at same time at lower price the raw materials constantly. I sent stuff to my priest to sell or hold to sell. But its a problem to maintain state of inventory as it needs clean out. Mostly its really all Alchemy stuff. I consider Alchemy my profession so its what i stock as reserve items to make my own gold on AH. But at 58 i will have to do inventory clean out. Funny thing is i usually buy my armor 1 level ahead when I’m close also so i even have new Plate Armor sitting in mail yet to be opened. No reason to remove it as no space to put it if i did. If i never use it i just resell it at a higher price. So no loss. Deciding to pay 25g for another 16 slot bag space is hard to swallow. Just prefer to make do. But inventory is due for clear out Auction on getting to Outland.

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