Countdown to Outland.

Current lvl: 57 and 3 bars

Been a bit busy questing in Felwoods, Winterspring primarily and back to Tanaris & Un’Goro for some follow through on a long chain for Linken’s Quest to really get the Liken Boomerang. As a Paladin i don’t have any range weapon other than as a Blood Elf i can mana tap a Caster which can in essence pull the mob, but then when you do that the caster can return fire at range. So a Boomerang is a awesome weapon to get for a Paladin. So questing time past weekend been a bit limited due to RL working schedule.

Been doing various quests in the Felwoods as i then do a few quests there so not so much the back and forth. Did some quest for the Cenarian Circle in Felwoods. Did some quests in Winterspring. Killed a ton more Furbogs just to keep upping my reputation with Timbermaw Hold to Neutral. I have to agree with many others, grinding can get old after a bit when its constant grinding for reputation points. I don’t mind a grinding session for when its just for XP to level up, at least i know whats it for and what to kill to up it up, usually i do it on double XP when i have maxed out rest bonus to the next level. But faction reputation grinding can get old. Only good thing is you get a chance of a maybe good drop maybe in rolling the loot dice around for a Blue or Epic item maybe. Speaking of loot drops I’ve heard there are some very valuable items on various lvls that can only drop on world loot drops and they can drop literally anywhere and anyplace. So i have a strategy to kill everything i encounter usually back and forth to anywhere… just increase my chances if anything. So far I’ve got about 5 epics so not bad.

So far i haven’t seen the Hanzo Sword drop for me anywhere in Winterspring, meaning i need to kill even more of every single thing to make it drop. I have acquired a habit on Ah of buying and trading Hanzo’s, works for me too. Just another way i speculate on Ah trading and make do on good gold on profits as i know what this weapons is worth in its use to the right class that can use it. I will aim for at least friendly with Timbermaw Hold so i can do the followup quests when they open up at friendly. Also so i can get a Alchemy Recipe for Transmuting, but its not as valuable transmute compared to Primal Might Transmute which i already have.

So far i find Winterspring a nice place to be. However not many people around as its a remote area. But been nice and snowy is appealing with all the trees snowed over. So its usually back and forth to the Felwoods. So be a bit more grinding to get to Friendly with Timbermaw Hold. IF you get exalted with Timbermaw Hold i hear you get a chance if you complete the quests you get a Trinket of Timbermaw Hold that can summon a spirit shaman to fight by your side that can also heal you and fight. Sounds appealing. A Paladin can fight forever been always healed just keeping up Blessing of Wisdom. I do need to go fishing here still so not as yet been.

However for the most part i been really busy doing a very long adventurous special chain quest for Liken Boomerang (Few Days now). I think any mid level 50’s Paladin should pick up this quest in Un’Goro by finding a recked boat in a pond in Southern Un’Goro as you will really have to look to find it to retrieve Linken lost memory and his things so can complete the quest to get this special Boomerang. The Trinket can do range damage with also the possibility to disarm the mob. Hmm, i like that. Anyway the quest have you talking to someone named Donova in Winterspring and other people, flying all over the continent literally, heading to places, finding stuff, retrieving stuff from people, drinking special potions, talking to people in death spirit phase, flying back to places, back and forth to Winterspring, back to Un’Goro, talk to more people, then to Liken again and then try to defeat a Elite 56 Elemental Void Walker on top of Fire Plume Ridge in Un’Goro to get the Boomerang as a reward. You get to get Liken’s Sword too but I’m in it for the Boomerang. If you really like a good quest then this is fun. Blizzard should do more like this as the XP is also good.

So far i can tell you that lvl 56 Elite is a DAMM tough one to take down. You have to use a special item that you receive to dispel his impenetrable Aura. But you have to keep doing it otherwise you damage is reduced by ten times damage. Duhh! Anyway do far I’m on my fourth Death. This many deaths facing one Elite is unheard of for me or to any one mob. But so far the score is not good. However as a player I’m willing to try and fail enough times before i ask for help, but i may need to ask for help on this guy. Another reason is as a plate wearer this damage is costly to repair on plate armor. The problem for me is after i dispel his Aura keeping it dispelled and then been able to tell when he has it back up. Its really hard to see with your back to the wall and the view is now as clear. Why back to the inside cave wall you ask…. this sucker hits you flat out hard and its easier with your back to a wall, if not and your outside on Fire Plume Ridge he can squarely knock you off the mountain ridge. Good enough reason there, plus you don’t need to have adds with the other elemental there on the ridge anyway.

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