Weekend Run of SFK.

Its been a slow weekend for Galo and getting out to do anything much. Real life calls and doing the job thing with lots of hours mean not much focus time playing WoW, let along other things. So Galo been resting up much in the inn in Orgrimmar gathering up as much rest bonus as possible. But did help a good friend out that needed to do SFK on her new Warlock Alt. Interestingly it was one of my first WoW friends also and one who I actually met doing SFK after a few failed tries.

So it was just good to help a freind out. My friend main is now actually a lvl 70 Holy Paladin and seemed she’s blown through WoW as a Paladin, done all the tBC instances, gotten her flying mount and done it all eating up all the content already. Its still shocking to me, because I remember meeting my friend when we were close to same level doing Shadow Fang Keep (SFK) as a PUG group. I casually play WoW everyday, i’m not a WoW novice but my time playing Galo is focus time or AH time running the Alchemy business. Yet I haven’t been playing all that long either.

Joined my friend Warlock Alt as a group and a few others 20-26 or so joined as a 5 man group, Galo been the higher level and well main tank and healer I guess. Anyway it was a fast run thru in less than 40 minutes which was allot less than the first few times SFK tormented me. My first 3 times in SFK I was about lvl 26 and gave it a go alone, no PUG I wanted to see how far I could get back then and always got half way but it was slow going back then. But because of SFK i learned to be a much better player yet SFK still haunts me with my first PUG as it was the first time I ever did a PUG.

I was a solo player, never rolled on a item before, never knew what rolling was. So in my first PUG i unfortunately opened a Chest i saw sitting there, i got mostly food items and a healing pot. I learned not too soon after that i had Ninja the chest. The Group leader and others called me a Ninja then and was very verbal, i was totally clueless, shocked, hadn’t a clue what they were talking about. But soon figured it out, i opened the chest without asking or rolling. For the rest of that SFK run I was as low as a player as one could be, I had felt like just leaving the group right there and then, I didn’t. We wiped 2 times, I stayed in group. I was committed. To this day I do remember the group leader’s name. I seen him around he’s much lowever level than I am. I will never join a PUG if he’s ever in it. He may have forgotten, but I haven’t. They rolled on items green on blue, I hit the X button meaning I passed on everything. I had no idea how to roll back then on items. It seemed too complicated back them. I just wanted to complete the quest and get some guy’s head I was suppose to get. I barely knew what a instance was back then and had no idea why people went to instances as I know today. FOR GOOD LOOT. With the next PUG I met my current friend and in that run we completed SFK. Thus memories of SFK has always tormented me as a player. But i learned much because of it and since that time.

On the PUG with the friend we blew through SFK its so much easier and was soo much fun. Lots of loot dropped greens and blues, I barely looked at what dropped anyway. I just cleared the way all the way to the end, killed the evil mage I think he was and the run was over. Less that 40 minutes done! My Friend completed her quest, the PUG was happy, the others split as soon as the run was complete as some hearted out of SFK. I had to log out needing to hit the sack for some Z’s. But I didn’t hearth out of SFK like some people always do. I like to walk out of a place if I can through the same doors I entered through even if its a instance. It may now always be possible in future Instances, but remembering SFK and how it was back then not too long ago it was just good to do so.

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