Another Day in Un’Goro

I finally reached the Insect Hive in south Un’Goro heading south from Marshal’s Refuge all way around Western rim of the crater. To me I really wanted to just avoid having to run into any of the 4 Elite T-Rex’s and doing lots of raptor fighting. However I really have to say I was almost paranoid constantly looking around, stopping next to trees, making sure the area was clear before I made a dash in the open across the area. Galo happen to be next to one of those crater geyser vents when it all of a sudden went off and it almost gave me a heart attack as I though it was the T-Rex on top of Galo again. I’ve been in the Jungle way too long. As a result it took me a while to get to the Insect Hive and clear open my area map. Funny thing in Un’Goro you never see much people here, usually never more than 6 player or so in the area, Galo included. Not sure why. Do see other players dead corpse laying in the open where the T-Rex roam on its route.
The Insect hive was not as big as I though it would be. Seemed smaller than the one in Tanaris. These insects are very vicious with lots of poisons and stuff you have to cleanse yourself of. Obtained the hive wall sample in the nest area and also had to kill the queen to retrieve her brain for the quest. Took fighting wave after wave of insects after Galo drew out her guards and this went on for a while before the insect Queen showed. If you decide to enter these hives you really need someone that can cleanse you of these insect poison spells or whatever else they throw on you or a pot. I had no problem as a paladin though in removing the spells.

Went up to Fire Plume Ridge which was very cool, killed some Scorching Elementals got some nice loot. Use Paladin Fire Aura here for protection. Saw some higher levels farming there things, for the loot i guess. Completed a quest here to record Temperature at some spots, just find the big black ang glowing stones. Then found the lost goblin in a cave on a side hill flat and had to now escort it back to the camp at Marshal’s Ridge. Had to run half way across the zone to escort him back to the camp. Didn’t like the idea of doing a escort quest in the area here.

We completed the escort, made it on time as the goblin just pretty much follows you so was one of the better escort quests unlike the escort chicken quest back in Tanaris. The Goblin fell down a few time and I revived him back with some water and we were off again running. A good escort quest it turned out and we didn’t run into any of the Elite T-Rex as i vigilant of them roaming around, I made sure of that. Got nice XP for it also. I like fighting and killing the Elites and everything, I just hate these T-Rex’s around here.

All quest here seem to now lead me to Winterspring. I also found a quest that Galo have to head to Winterspring for to find someone there also. As of now only have 1 quest left to complete for Un’Goro area and will get to it later as that one leads to the Sunken Temple in SOS.

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