Specing Galo & Setting Goals.

Since leveled up to 54 and receiving all training at trainer, placed another point in Retribution tree so i’m now 0/38/7. Goal ahead is to drop 11 more points in retribution to get Imp Retribution Aura picking up Parry, Seal of Command along the way. Soloing is my play style so that build will fit me well. I will drop 5 more points in Protection to solidify all damage mitigation and tanking abilities.

However that may change up as soon as patch 2.1 takes place and having to get the Imp Holy Shield, so will have to see point spread then or how the new tree looks. Don’t know as yet if we will get a free respec on that when it happens. So far i’ve never had to respec my core talent tree, always been protection spec.

Looking ahead its 4 more levels to Outland. I can feel getting closer to the goad of earning my place to finally head to Outland. I can just about grind it to 58 and get it done in a day or two if i really wanted to but it would be no fun. As soon as i hit 58 i’m booking my flight to Outland. I’ve set some goals for Galo in Outland.

  • Get to level 70. Its why i started the journey. Finish it! I’m no Alt-a-holic!!
  • Earn faction reputation points as needed and for Alchemy Mastery.
  • Level up Alchemy and specialize. Yet undetermined.
  • Continue to save up for the Flying mount. (Over 1200g already)
  • Properly gear up Galo with good gear weapons and amour.
  • Find a few good people to group with or good players.
  • Do all 5 man Heroics as my main focus for Outland Instances.
  • When bored, Solo run lower level Instances and twink up the priest in Blues & Epics.
  • Don’t care much for Raiding & not planning on much.

Not everyone goals are the same, some people don’t have any playing this game. These are just my goals and from my perspective of my own time and enjoyment. Hopefully this will be my guide for continuing play and i can stick to these goals with flexibility.

After finishing last few quests in Un’Goro i need to clean up my Quest bank and finish those i feel like doing. Do the Sunken Temple Paladin Quest i have yet to do for 50. Head to Western Plagueland to finally purge undead souls. I have yet to quest in the Burning Steeps, Searing Gorge, or Azshara zones and unsure how much i will be able to right now. For every zone you quest i, it reduce the chances of questing in another area equally. However the goal is Outland however it takes to get there and escape Azeroth!

2 thoughts on “Specing Galo & Setting Goals.

  1. For what it’s worth, I recommend hitting up Searing Gorge, the two Plaguelands, and Silithus. While there is little in the way rewards from them that will be valuable in current endgame, there are factions you can pick up a little bit of rep with, and (IMO) that always makes things better. Questing is fun, but questing and getting rep is just the cat’s pajamas.Also, in regards to your Flying Mount, are you going to be doing the Epic Mount questline, or just buying yourself an epic mount? Because either way, you need riding skill 150 inorder to buy riding skill 225.


  2. Appreciate the feedback and will indeed visit both places to clear open my world map. As long as questing fun in area i’m good for it. I’ll probably get a epic mount along the way however i’ve started saving up for beyond that with the flying mount. So i try not to blow my money, on everything. So far so good.


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