Hunting for Food Supplies

I’m almost out of food supplies or buffing food (Strength & Spirit) and in need of some replenishment. I’ve been able to level up all my other skills and somehow I’m a bit stuck on leveling up cooking at 337, with no orange or yellow recipes i can find anywhere to train on. Food supplies on AH cost a few gold to purchase so headed up to the Hinterlands to kill some Owlbeast. Tip: It pays when questing to remember just where things are found.

I haven’t been using my 2H weapons as much lately so popped a Intelligence pot, used BOK to raise stats (Intelligence) and went grinding on some Owlbeasts. Leveled back up quickly my 2H mace weapon skill close to max skill and got my 20 eggs i needed in about 45 minutes. Killed some White Wolfs there also for their meat, picked some Sungrass, Fadeleaf & Golden Sansum Herbs all in same area. Headed back to the Horde camp, made food for stock and headed back to Undercity to give Galo some rest in the Inn.

Owlbeasts are good for their eggs as its used in cooking (Nice buff) and its a Tanaris quest item for Artisian Cooking level quest by Dirk Quickcleave in Tanaris. So worth a bit on AH. Much easier to get the eggs from the Owlbeast in the Hinterlands than Roc Birds in Tanaris.

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