Ding Ding, Level 54.

Was somewhat of a slow day and a bit of detouring. Head out to Mauradon to complete a special quest for a Trinket (Mark of the Chosen) which is really nice for a Protection Paladin.

Headed into Mauradon and in about a hour after found all 5 of the Khan Spirits for the quest in both sections of Mauradon. Got the Spirit Amulet going in and found 3 Khans in the outer Orange/Purple sections and the other 2 Khans a little way inside of both Instances for the gem stones. Completed the quest and got the “Mark of the Chosen” Trinket from the centaur. Great this gives me a 2% change of struck in combat to proc a +25 to all stats buff, pretty to get a weapons proc as a Protection Paladin. With Crusader on the Hanzo Sword it stacks also.

Did some AH wheeling and dealing, cleared up some mail, made some AH profit. Sent rest of stuff to my Alt character to sell and headed back to Un’Goro. My Mercurial Stone did finally sell after 5 days of relisting it on AH sold for 80g on AH to some higher level Jewelcrafter which was great.

Back in Un’Goro I had about 5 XP bars to go and didn’t feel like running around as much. So I decided to go grinding on some gorillas and raptors. So in about little over 1 hours time with max rest bonus went through 50K XP and Dinged 54. I had many close calls with that damm T-Rex again. Think T-Rex had it in for me for killing all the raptors, he really kept making the rounds. I really hate the mind controol and fear spell that T-Rex put on you. Needless to say he killed me once again. I’m gonna make him pay later!

Grinding on the raptors I go a nice blue plate drop loot and a purple epic staff drop. WOOT! This be my 6th world epic drop ever. Was worth spending a hour to mince up the raptors for this nice epic drop (Glowing Brightwood Staff). Placed it on AH for a few hundred gold.

Headed to Silvermoon to the Paladin trainer to level up skill training now i’m 54 and purchased 1 new spell spell in Greater Blessing of Wisdom, a group buff. Purchased also 4 improved rank spells or blessings and in all spent about 20g for what was available. Spells costing on average 3.6g a spell. Spells are costing a bit these days, especially since I get every new spell or blessings available to train on.

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