Dinged 52 Protection Style.

Ding Ding, lvl 52 Protection Paladin style while gathering a few quest items. Went through 9 XP bars in a short period of time performing raptor extincion. Helps to have some good rest bonus. I can say I didn’t die today and haven’t in days.

I was in process of doing a few quests in Un’Goro Crater and had to get the items from some the raptors and a few items to pickup along the way, when I started along this path. You might be protection spec if you look around and wondered, your half way to level 52 or your next level, you have 9 XP bars (Tens of thousands of points) to go with max rest bonus, how fast can you make it happen and how stylish can you make it look. Its funny when a few night elves came through on their big furry cats, stopped to look and wondered what going on. Thats always fun when that happens. They just saw dead raptors everywhere. One guy spoke something, seemed like some kind of jibrish words and started running around collecting dead raptor skins. Now thats a smart guy been skilled in skinning as you can collect lots of skin hide here.
Me and my Hanzo Sword! You really get the idea I really love this sword so far. Yeap I do, and I dropped 80g to get it enchanted today with “Crusader”. I don’t spend much gold on enchants, it really have to be something good and with a superior weapon or armour. I say its a good investment all the way to Outland with this sword hopefully. This looks like the killing fields! When i fight, I kill the mobs in batches and see how long we can keep it going. I completed 2 quests here doing this in a speed session on the raptors so wasn’t just grinding away. I was speeding up the questing process in Un’Goro Crater. Everything is easy to find and close togeather. Grinding here its easy to get all the raptors in a group they are literally everywhere around. Unfortunately they don’t drop any Green/Blue loot it seems to me, just lots of trash loot.
Hanzo Sword flat out rocks!! It dices raptors to mince meat and it also procs very often in every few seconds which buffs you with Holy Strength for +100 and crit return heals of +100 at times or sometimes more often as you can hear it when it does. You also see the two cross crusader sword mark above head when it does proc which seemed to me was like every several sec or so exactly often not sure exactly. Renocking seem to be up almost all the time too which makes for fast raptor extinction. I’m not sure if renocking is affected by Crusader but it almost seemed so to me. If you ever get a Hanzo Sword, the Crusader enchant can make it do wonders if your spec as a Protection Paladin.
You know your spec Protection Paladin when you often can’t count how many you killed. You have to try and count the tails or something else. Its also make it fun just trying to figure out which one to loot as it can be hard to see the bodies when they may be on top each other and hard to tell apart. One thing is these raptors are so aggressive and attack so fast that you can almost keep Holy Shield up and firing all the time doing AOE damage to everything attacking so fast. The numbers just seem to keep floating away fast then. Total FUN!

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