Screenshots – The Summoning!

Just a moment of having fun in a wired moment. This was kinda fun to do as the WoW client server during fishing became disconnected but i could still run around but no mobs anywhere and i was stuck in fishing pose. In such cases you can attempt wired things to do, so i tried to rezz the Warhorse and i was in this position for a long time. FUN MOMENTS as WOW IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE RACE TO LVL 70 and ALL EPIC GEAR.

WoW is about having fun, experiences, sightseeing and exploring and finding nooks and cranny places overlooked by most people in their hurried attempt to outdo everyone else. When i was in SecondLife one of the funnest thing to do was to constantly explore the Grid (World Map) and i went everywhere. That was how i found places created many people never saw or appreciated that other people there had built often hidden places.


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