I got a EPIC!

Completed a few quests in Tanaris including some pirates quest, was pretty easy. Picked up all kind of stuff on loot running all through the camp and buildings as no one was really around in the early morning. On the last round in the camp i got a EPIC drop, a “Nightblade” sword. A very nice sword thats a bit a improvement on the 2H i have. This is now my 2nd EPIC drop ever, those things do indeed drop out questing in the world though its rare. I’m in no hurry to sell it but it will sure make it to AH, i hear i can get up to 300g for it even better as Twinks love this blade in PVP.

Turned in quests and headed out to the Badlands for a quest and to help a 42 Warrior. He had spotted a rare Elite spawn Giant also by the buzzards along the path where the Orge’s take their route to their camp. I found him in the area. Funny thing is, all the time i spent in badlands i never seen this giant before. He was a 45 Elite, and was not that difficult to kill though he does hit real hard. I got a green clothy drop from him. The wired thing this was the seem like all drops were like green clothy drops also, a bit wired in the loot droping in the badlands. Blizzard company who owns WoW must like to play jokes on us.

I got a theory just from my play and exp that if your first in a zone or only one there in a while and you kill everything possible in that zone you get a high random chance to earn something valuable on drops from mobs, be it Greens, Blues, Epic. Just my theory. So as a result when questing i kill everything in the area or zone i can to maximize my chances.


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