Gone Fishing!

Went fishing off the Forbidden Coast for lvling up fishing as its a important skill to a Alchemist also for ingredients & potion making. However, for me as a player i like to always maximize my skills as much as possible and not to let them lag. Most people in WoW seem to hate to fish and that’s a competitive advantage if you can figure that out in the WoW Economy, if you get what i mean. However i’m a patient guy and cool tempered so it appeals to fish anyway.

Quick fishing tip if you like to fish, is to always carry a good fishing rod in bag always unless at way higher lvl maybe. But i always have the rod, you never know when you see a pond somewhere that you may want to see what’s in it. Any pond of water anywhere can yield something or who knows what. Always use a lore of some kind to increase the catch or skill lvl fishing to increase catch rate or success. In over a hour fishing time i racked up some big fishing numbers, lvl up fishing to 315 and i discovered something new also as a result. Maybe its due to the fact that i now have Master Fishing skill for 375, but it now seem that at that lvl when you fish you catch 2 fish at same time vs just one before. You can really rack up some numbers fishing in short period of time at this lvl.

On average it takes 10 successfull catch to raise you skill 1 lvl in fishing thats pretty much a fact i have discovered over time, so you can count the numbers. That mean raising my skill last night by 13 point i pulled up around 260+ fish, treasure chests, and other things interesting. Not everything you catch will be just fish alone. You can also pull up Herbs, Treasure Chests, Rare Armour or something special. I did catch a rare 40lbs grouper also, always funny to catch these, makes a hunters per very happy. So many reasons to go fishing in WoW. All in all a good peacefull time fishing, too bad i can’t catch “Coral” the Elite Shark. Must blog on my shark bite encounter with him off the Misty Reef in Swamp of Sorrows a few days ago.

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