I like been out in Feralas area, its a nice area to Solo from low 40’s lvl up and have a nice fishing spot there also. There is a nice spot there to fish in the river in middle of map where the bridge is, its also where you get a quest fish for Artesian fishing quest from Nate Pag. Tried to catch some Stonescale Eel fish in the river there and no luck for 20 min but did catch a bunch of fish and lvl up fishing to 302 a bit since i picked up Master Angler Training for fishing to raise skill to 375.

Went hunting for some food supplies (currently out of buff foods) and killed a bunch of wolfs and other mobs, stormed some raider & shaman camps (fun) and had fun doing AOE smackdown on a Brute camp refining some pally combo skills. Found some Purple lotus herbs in this area as it has lots of ruins. This area is pretty fun. Completed one quest from Tanaris here, but i barely quested in this area to say the least and need to revisit here should be pretty easy to complete most quests here quickly. I would say in the 40’s Tanaris and Feralas some the best place to solo quest in, Tanaris been a desert area and Feralas more lush green forested area with ruins.

Need to do some more fishing to lvl up the skill vs trying to just reach 48, its fun anyway never know what you will fish up. So heading to do deep water fishing in the Forbidden Sea and catch some very good rare fish and to lvl up cooking skills for food. I once caught a 52 lbs grouper here so gona try my luck there again. To me its one of the best places to fish in the Forbidden Sea.

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