Monday Morning Smackdown in Tanaris…. Cheated!

Got about 5 Tanaris quests active so decided to head down to the southern coastal area and revisit the pirates camp there and gather up the 20 hats i needed for a quest. Pretty much its swashbuckling with the pirates for their hats, pure melee fight and my forte. I still have much of Tanaris unexplored except for the nothern coast area east of Tanaris which is great for fishing or catching Firefin Fish or Blackmouth both which fetch a good price and good for a Alchemist also. Tanaris is pretty much a desert place with ruins. So i decided to just head south with the Warhorse Mount and see what was there, i need to uncover the terittory anyway. I ran into some lvl 49-50 Elite Coast Striders, big giant blue orges look like … looks tough these guys.

So i figure why not take on a lvl 50 Elite with a big giant mace… so i did. One thing about my pallys is i’m never afraid to pic a fight with a mob higher lvl than my 47 pally, i like to test my limits and i’m not a runner either in a fight, i got pure heart and guts, i rather if fight gona go bad picking off more than i can chew to fight and die like a man i am and die on my feet swinging. I remember in Duskwallow Marsh in the 30’s trying to find Nate Pag the Master Fisherman in the bay i got ambushed by a +7 lvl Thresher mob right next to Nate. I was stunned been ambushed, but i did not run i was sure to die if i did, i was in the bay on a rock island anyway. Never turn your back to a mob in a fight and run, walk backwards. I fought the Thresher dino mob in what was a epic 8 min fight to eternity quick 1H and Spiked Shield and i won on barely a colour bar of green HP. It took, heal & mana pots, loh, multiple bubbles, everything but Devine Internention to erk out a win. You never know! That was my most glorious WoW moment, take guts not just dps or been able to nuke something from 40 yards in 4 sec. I took on the Elite Striders Protection style. The guy was tough to crack as he was giving me a woop ass too. But i held my own for about 2 minutes, bubbling to bandage once. Im middle of fight, got a add with another Strider walking the beach so 2 lvl 50 Elites vs a 47 pally. I was getting the smackdown hard and on cooldown!

I owned out the strider and got the kill at 1/5 hp as the other Elite Strider smacked me to death, 1100hp for my effort with rest bonus… woot. I died like a man to too much damage from the Elite add, still on cooldown and stun not working on Elite. I could of tried to run but i’m not a runner and thats been a coward. If i can win on 1 hp i rather try despite the odds. So i had to do the run from the grave yard, i despise death as a pally! zzlong run, took a while to get back and resurect, the Elite body had gone by time i got back.. bummer. I was Cheated! So i feeling vengefull and cheated out of my loot, decided to pick another fight on another lvl 50 Elite, round two Smackdown. I got the kill and watching out for a stray Strider. Spanked him for the win and pinned him, WWF style. Tried to loot and nothing could not loot the body. Cheated round 2. Damm.

Been mad i decided to take on another Elite Strider, i needed my loot. So put the smackdown on this other guy and tried looting again and nothing. AHHHH! Seemed odd this happening thing. So put the smackdown on a Surf Glider turtle these things put a heavy dent in you armour, luckly i wear plate armour. I got same thing looting the turtle…odd Hmm. I decided to relog. On relog, seemed like it fixed it whatever it was as turtle appeared lootable. I felt cheated on the Elite Striders on a bug, this has happened to me before. Found another Elite so decided on another round of Surf Side Smackdown. Geared up the mace and shield and spanked the Elite and got my loot…… a clam for my effort 😦 was very dissapointed for all the effort and time.

Only 2 bars to lvl 48, other than heading up coast to the pirates quest, i decided to do Grindhouse on the Glider snapping turtles, grinded up about 15 or so for the over the ring win to lvl 48. Ding Dong, i reached lvl 48 Hurray!. Headed up the coast to the pirates camp for Swashbuckle Smackdown. Bags were full of loot from turtle trash stuff and meat etc, got a plate helm for a lvl 40 green though, nice but of no use to me. I’ve never gotten any plate armour i could use for my lvl. I’ve only ever gotten 2 blue world drops, a few blue recipies for various trades, greens i’ve gotten many and 1 Epic drop a arsome leather glove grinding the Elementals by the Orges in the Badlands early one morning. I could not use it though because i wore mail at the time but was damm giddy on finding a Epic glove then, made much gold on it in AH. I need to quest in higher lvl areas to get good drops i can use. Finding good gear is a challenge for a pally. Headed back to Gadgetzan to vendor stuff and clear up bag space. Will need to head to trainer later to see what’s available. Time for bed, been working all night on the job and i’m too sleepy now.

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