And the Contest Winners are…

Blog Contest Snapshot Pic

So that was the picture snapshot I took on 5th May, 2013 @ 0700 to have the Blog 3 Years of EVE Online numbers contest and find some numbers to use to give away a Fist Full of ISK.

The winning numbers were:

#1 – 830586

#2 – 238119

#3 – 71625

And the Contest Prize Winners are:

1st Prize of 1 Billion ISK  (1) :

Den T’meelkmi - 550546 (beats Pjharvey 550545 by just 1 number)

2nd Prize of 500 Million ISK each (2) :

Lithron - #176500

Dystran - #176600

3rd Prize of 250 Million ISK each (4) :

Slowsingingflowerbringing - #61000

Rom1 - #38391

Jonathan Buesing - #23650

Lightstar - #21010

The Special Prize Winners for Random Numbers of 335 Million ISK:



Runeme Shilter

Grats to the Winners: You can leave a comment below or as well mail AD at ArdentDefend @ gmail dot com with your EVE Character name so you can collect your winnings.

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16 thoughts on “And the Contest Winners are…

  1. evehermit

    A very generous competition – congrats to the winners. My special prize can be sent to EveHermit.

    (I think I will spend this unjustified payout on an unjustified ship hull – maybe towards a Widow. Something I like the look of, but have absolutely no need for.)

  2. Den T'Meelkmi

    Den T’Meelkmi is the in-game character as well.
    Thanks to your generosity, I’m almost ready to get into my first Loki!


  3. dystran

    The above poster is right, a very generous competition from a bloggr who is already very generous with their thoughts and industry tips! Please send my prize to: Clunge Mung thanks again, I too will be putting it towards my first loki funnily enough, for webbing goodness Dys

  4. lithron

    Oh.. sweet. Now I can’t say I never win anything. Please send the isk to Jiph Tsero, and I promise to spend it on silly pixel items. And keep on blogging, you do good work.

  5. lightstar

    Mine hasn’t come through. That said I’ve just noticed it’s put a space in my name. I hate the artificial stupidity chips they put into phones. I’m assuming it’s been sent to the wrong person =o(

    1. lightstar

      BTW, don’t think about repaying it, it’s my own fault for not checking the post before I commented. I’ll chase light star, and hope they’re actually active.

      1. Ardent Defender Post author

        I’m going to guess it went to the wrong person of similar name with the space in their name who also didn’t have a pic and probably an inactive account.

        No problem, will resend the prize. I’ll GM petition the other that was sent to the wrong person.

  6. lightstar

    Thanks, you didn’t have to do tthat, so kudos.

    And the moral of the story is always proof read. And don’t trust predictive text phones.

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